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Auto Shows & Events

With production debuts, display concepts developed to test public perception, executive speeches forecasting changes in the market, and announcements for various awards, auto shows put a finger on the pulse of the automotive industry. From Detroit to Geneva, you'll learn about them here. In addition to auto shows, we're also tracking a wide variety of industry events, all of which are noted on the continually updated calendar. Check back often to see what's new.
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New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) Names Best-In-Class Models for 2012
The New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) recently recognized a wide variety of automakers with its 2012 Best-in-Class and Winter Vehicle awards. General Motors and Chrysler led all others with three awards each.

The 2012 Washington Auto Show
The Washington Auto Show is a huge event displaying more than 700 new makes and models of cars, trucks, mini-vans and sport utility vehicles from over 42 domestic and import automakers.

Guide to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show
One of Detroit's biggest tourist attractions and winter distractions is the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). In previous years, the Detroit Auto Show was filled with pomp and pageantry, including a cattle drive down Jefferson Avenue. In 2009, the economy in general and Detroit's auto industry in particular forced the show to scale back slightly; but the 2012 Detroit Auto Show looks poised to shock and awe.

Facts, Trivia and History of the Detroit Auto Show
Check out this article for interesting tidbits of information about an auto show that's been showcasing models for more than 100 years.

Classic Car Cruising in San Diego
These weekly classic car shows are a blast from the past.

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