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Government & Policy

Recalls, safety mandates and fuel economy standards are just a few examples of how government and auto industry are intertwined. We detail and explain it all here.
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Obama and Automakers Develop Plan for Better Efficiency and Fewer Emissions
The Obama administration and auto manufacturers have reached an agreement to raise fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks between 2017 and 2025, ending months of wrangling about how to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

Auto Execs Believe Subsidies Determine Future for Hybrids, EVs
A recent survey of some 200 auto industry execs found a wide majority -- 92% -- were optimistic about the future of the North American auto industry, saying the sector is either somewhat or much better off than it was just last year. The survey was conducted by Booz & Co. But opinions about the future of hybrid and electric vehicles within the sector were decidedly more mixed.

What Was The Chrysler Bailout?
The year was 1979. Jimmy Carter was in the White House. G. William Miller was Treasury Secretary. And Chrysler was in trouble. Would the federal government help save he nation's number three automaker?

Conservative Analysis of US Government Bailouts
Since the savings and loan scare in the 1980s, industry bailouts by the federal government have become an ever-increasing -- and increasingly-expensive -- phenomenon.

Top Ten Reasons to Save American Car Makers
We’ve put together a David Letterman style top ten list of “Why We Should Bail Out the Detroit Three – A Classic Car Perspective.”

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