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The automotive industry involves more than automakers and local dealers. They're the big players, but you can't forget about parts suppliers, aftermarket companies, PR and marketing agencies, finance companies, and others. We'll cover them all here, and supplement that info with an automotive career section.
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The First 100 Years of One of America's Greatest Car Companies
About.com takes a look at the first 100 years of the Chevrolet brand.

History of the DeLorean Motor Company
We detail the maker of the iconic gullwinged sports car, and company founder, John Z. DeLorean.

Links to Auto Manufacturers' Retail Websites
Are you looking for a comprehensive list of links to car company websites? If so, look no further.

Biography of Henry Ford
This article provides a look back at the man behind one of America's most successful automobile brands.

Harley Earl Profile: The Man Behind the Cars
From 1927 to his retirement in 1959, Harley Earl was the head of GM's Art and Color Section, later known as the Design and Styling Department. His designs were ahead of their time, and his vision of cars with undulating curves, low and long bodies, and airplane-inspired fins and cockpits led GM through the next 30 years.

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