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International Markets

International markets have become increasingly relevant here in the U.S., as more domestic-badged models are sourced from Europe and automakers battle for share in countries like China. We break it down here, examining and tracking how the U.S. market is influenced by other areas of the globe.

European Cars Sold by American Automakers
Several American automakers have tried selling the vehicles they designed for Europe in America.

Why Certain European Cars Aren't Sold In The States
Whether it's due to government regulations or cultural differences, there's a variety of reasons why a car that's popular elsewhere isn't offered for sale in the U.S.

Car Manufacturing in China
In a country where bicycles once outnumbered cars as the preferred mode of transportation, consumers are clamoring to get behind the wheel. The factory of the world has become the second largest auto producer in the world. Here’s a look at how it was done.

Emerging Markets Present Big Opportunity
Toyota plans to get half its global auto sales from emerging markets by 2015, compared with about 40 percent last year.

China Offering Cash for Clunkers Program
According to the DetroitNewsBureau.com, Chinese new car buyers will receive incentives between $1700 and $2800 for their clunkers to be used towards the price of a new car. Unlike the U.S. program, the Chinese Cash for Clunkers variation also includes farm vehicle, buses and heavy trucks.

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