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Suppliers & Aftermarket

As we've seen numerous times in the past, suppliers are critical in the automotive production food chain. With any sort of disruption in the flow of suppliers' parts, the assembly lines can soon shut down. If you're interested in the roles of suppliers, how they work and how they contract with the OEMs, this is the place to learn. This is also your home for information about the automotive aftermarket, including the development of parts and the marketing of the this robust industry.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) for Wholesalers
The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, or AAPEX, is gearing up for its annual show for wholesalers. This year, it will be held November 1 through 3 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, the always-fun destination for dozens of trade shows every year. The AAPEX is scheduled to set up shop at the Sands every year through 2015.

Auto Shops Play Key Recycling Role
In the past it was not unusual to see piles of old tires or old automotive debris, but have you looked lately? Auto repair shops are increasingly playing a key role in recycling and protecting the environment.

Should the Use of Aftermarket Parts be Banned by Insurance Companies?
The use of aftermarket car parts by insurance companies to fulfill a car accident claim is common. Aftermarket car parts are readily available and in most cases cost much less than OEM parts, or replacement parts by the original manufacturer. These are large reasons why insurance companies prefer to use aftermarket parts. But are lower costs worth the risks that some say are associated with aftermarket car parts?

Recycled Car Parts Used In Fashionable Accessories
These days, "fashion wear" stretches the imagination like never before. Here are some interesting items made from recycled car, truck, and tire parts.

Auto Industry Poised to Dominate Lithium-Ion Battery Market
By 2015 -- just four short years away -- the auotmotive industry's use of lithium-ion batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles is expected to dethrone the current top user, laptop computers.

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