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Technology & Innovation

Technology and innovation touch every aspect of the automotive industry, from pedestrian safety and infotainment systems to alternative energy sources and efficient methods of production. You'll learn about it all here.
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The Subaru EyeSight System
Labeled a “driver assistance system” by Subaru, the EyeSight feature is a bundled collection of safety technologies engineered to help prevent or lessen the severity of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

New Car Features that Are Bad Values in Used Cars
Must-have features can cost buyers hundreds of dollars when they eventually need to be replaced.

Are You Ready for Driverless Cars?
It sounds suspiciously like science fiction, but driverless cars might be closer to reality than you think. According to a former R&D head at GM, we could see fully automated automobiles by the year 2020. Other estimates set that mark even closer to today.

Understanding What Makes a Vehicle a Hybrid
Hybrid technology continues to evolve as consumers demand more from these alternative energy vehicles. But with several variations of hybrid technology being utilized in vehicle manufacture the last several years, it can get confusing to understand how a hybrid works and what defines a hybrid vehicle.

Traction Control: ABS Evolved
In the same way that ABS is designed to prevent skids during braking, traction control is meant to prevent skids during acceleration. These systems are essentially two sides of the same coin, and they even share a number of components.

Green Car Automakers Need to Appeal to Consumer Emotions
GfK Custom Research North America recently looked at the latest results of its ongoing long-running continuous pre-purchase tracking study and found that continued high gas prices were causing more consumers to purchase compact cars, but that purchase of alternative fuel vehicles was not keeping pace.

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