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5 Steps On How To Become An Auto Dealer
Ever wanted to own an automotive dealership? Well, take a look here for the steps you'll need to get your name on the sign.
8 Steps to Becoming a New Car Dealer
There's a lot of thinking, planning and investing that goes into becoming a new car dealer. From selecting a site to working with the DMV, we detail what it takes to build a dealership from the ground up.
5 Ways Auto Dealers Can Beat the Winter Blues
Auto sales during the winter tend to slag, but there are ways to beat the winter blues. Here are five strategies to increase sales during the winter.
Your Guide to Dealership Structure
If you're looking to own a car dealership, it helps to understand the structure of the various departments that make up a new-car store.
Want to Start a Car Service Department? Learn...
A closer look at automobile service departments yields some interesting observations. Read About.com's expert's guide to understand the process.
Why Are Certain European Cars Not Sold in the US?
We Investigate Why Certain European Cars Aren't Sold In The States
How You Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales
A Guide To Using Social Media To Increase Sales
5 Customer Services Problems You Should Avoid
Avoiding Certain Customer Service Pitfalls Can Help Your Business
Fiat Brings New Sales Strategies To American...
Fiat Brings New Sales Strategies To American Market
How Chrysler And Fiat Will Manage The Dealer...
A big part of the Chrysler and Fiat merger is how the two automakers are matching up their dealer networks. Here's a look at how the new company will set things up.
The Subaru EyeSight System
Labeled a “driver assistance system” by Subaru, the EyeSight feature is a bundled collection of safety technologies engineered to help prevent or lessen the severity of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.
Mercedes-Benz Dealers Are Using iPads To Reduce...
Mercedes-Benz Dealers Are Using iPads To Reduce Paperwork On Lease Turn-Ins And Other Transactions.
We Take A Look To See If Professional...
We Take A Look To See If Professional Motorsports Helps New Car Sales
A Guide To How Unions Work In The Automotive...
A Guide To How Unions Work In The Automotive Industry
Future Automotive Design Trends
We break down some of the current and future automotive design trends.
A Look At The Design of Nissan's New Juke...
A look at the design of Nissan's new Juke crossover.
We Take A Look At Techniques For Driving Sales...
We Take A Look At Techniques For Driving Sales Success This Fall

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